Thursday, February 2, 2012

Okay, here goes my first blog in the Baseball Card world.

I've been collecting cards when money allows since around 1985 (age 15).  I finally bought my first Jumbo Hobby Box yesterday and WOW!  It was great to sit and open each pack, sort out inserts and have the base set completed.

I hope to spend more time work on older sets.  I'm hoping to complete each Topps base set since 1970.   I'm hoping to work on all the years ending in 2 this year and then move on to ending in 3 next year.  We will see how this works.

I'm a big baseball fan following the Braves and Brewers.  I grew up a Braves fan and pulled for the Brewers and Red Sox due to the history with the Braves.  I've grown into a bigger Brewers fans the past couple of season due to the Nashville Sounds.

I look forward to what this new avenue of blogging has to offer.  I'm open to any suggestions.

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